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New To Business Automation / RPA

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a revolutionary new technology that lets your business automate everyday processes or tasks that normally require human interaction.

Why use RPA?

Save Valuable Time:

Free up your team from mundane tasks and let them focus on what truly matters.

Achieve Perfect Accuracy:

Your workflows and processes run flawlessly, ensuring 100% accuracy every time.

Scale Effortlessly:

As your business grows, RPA scales with you.

Reduce Costs:

Automation leads to fewer errors and cuts down on execution time.

Boost Employee Satisfaction:

When repetitive tasks are handled by bots, your team can engage in more meaningful and rewarding work.

Ensure Compliance:

Bots follow rules to the letter, ensuring your processes are compliant and audit-ready at all times.

Optimize 24/7:

Your bots don’t need breaks or take leave.

See an example


Elevate Your Automation Experience with Our Distinctive Features:

Built on Open-Source Python RPA Framework:

  • Constructed using the rpaframework, an open-source Python RPA framework. This ensures flexibility, customization, and leverages the robustness and versatility of Python, driving innovation and efficiency in your automation efforts.

Versatile Hosting Options:

  • Host your robots on the cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. Choose the hosting solution that best fits your business needs and security requirements, ensuring optimal performance and accessibility of your bots, regardless of your infrastructure.

Robocorp Orchestration Platform:

  • Utilizing the Robocorp orchestration platform, we can monitor and troubleshoot bots faster and more effectively. This ensures smooth operations, quick resolution of issues, and maximizes the uptime and efficiency of your bots.

First-generation RPA solutions have introduced challenges such as high implementation costs, slow deployments, and fragile bots that frequently break, leading to increased expenses, time and productivity losses, and negating the intended benefits of automation.

Our open-source RPA solution addresses these challenges by providing a cost effective robust solution. Find out about our services (link to services page)

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